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Top ten tips on putting your CPD profile together

Harriet Cadman, Head of Sanctuary Training, offers some tips and advice to help make sure you meet the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements...

1. Your CPD activity should be spread throughout the registration period. Don’t leave it all to the last minute.

2. Your CPD activity should be a mixture of different activities, such as supervision, reading, conferences and structured training – not all of the same type.

3. Make sure the CPD you do is relevant to your role. You will have to state how it will help your practice so just doing something for the sake of it will not benefit you.

4. Research training opportunities you wish to do to make sure it will aid your practice.

5. You can complete CPD activity that is relevant to future practice. If you are hoping to work in a different area of social work, you should be able to explain how this will be relevant to your future practice.

6. Read the CPD guidance issued by the HCPC – it will help!

7. Make sure your CPD profile makes sense; give yourself time to write your personal statement so that it is clear, concise and you don’t miss anything important out.

8. Keep a copy of your CPD.

9. Don’t assume that you won’t be one of the 2.5% audited, be prepared!

10. Don’t send original documents with your CPD.

Sanctuary Training has a wide range of courses available to support your continuing professional development. For more information and advice, contact us.

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