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Honour Based Violence course described as "excellent"

Do you need training in Honour Based Violence (HBV) to help you in your job role? Our upcoming CPD certified training course will provide you with the skills to recognise victims and minimise any risks in safety for victims and their children in the UK.

Our one-day Honour Based Violence course will be taking place on Tuesday 18 October at the Holiday Inn on Cavell Street in East London. The interactive training course is led by trainer Bal Howard, who is keen to share her experience to raise awareness and reduce the isolation of victims to increase reporting of HBV.

The course has proved to be extremely popular, and we are pleased that delegates have benefited hugely from the training. Steven Howden, a delegate who participated on the course, said;

“Having attended a number of Sanctuary courses, I had an expectation that the training would be of a high standard. Although I was the only male in a group of 8 participants, I felt comfortable as my objective was to develop and enhance my knowledge and understanding in this area”.

Steven praised the course facilitator as “excellent” and then went on to say “her knowledge in this subject area was first class and I appreciated how well the course was balanced which allowed all participant’s to contribute to this amazing training course”.

He continued; “This course really touched and helped me to understand and appreciate the scale of the problem caused by Honour Based Violence and FGM.

“I would recommend this course to all professionals who are currently working with children and families, as having the knowledge and understanding gained from this course could save many from the suffering, anguish and lifelong emotional distress that these subject areas can cause”.

Our next Honour Based Violence training course will be taking place on Tuesday 18 October 2016 and is now available to book. For upcoming course information please contact us on 0333 7000 028 or email

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