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Are you prepared to handle a crisis?

Responding to the media can be stressful at the best of times, let alone in a crisis where there’s very little time for reflection, for obtaining factual information from colleagues and partner agencies, and planning the best possible response.

With rolling news, social media and the growing influence of ‘fake news’, how up-to-date are you with your crisis communications training? Would you know exactly how to respond to the media in the event of a major incident in your locality?

This October, join like-minded CEOs and Directors of Service and learn how to:

  • Test your communication skills in a safe environment
  • Remain unnerved and suitably responsive under the spotlight of the media
  • Respond openly and as informatively as possible whilst adhering to confidentiality
  • Prepare and deliver a professionally structured television interview
  • Effectively use social media within the context of a crisis
  • Understand how to prepare the most effective press statements possible

Taught by renowned health and social care media expert, David Niven, Sanctuary Training’s Advanced Crisis Communications Course will take place over two days and will help delegates understand how to cope with the media in times of crisis.

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