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Getting the most out of your training

We are regularly asked by many of our delegates how they can maximise the benefits from their training workshop, regardless of which course they are undertaking.

Here are our top tips to ensure that you can make the most out of your training activities.

Find the right course for you

  • Take the time to discuss your training needs with your supervisor/direct line manager. This will enable you to book an appropriate course for your needs.
  • Think about what training you would benefit from; courses do sell out quickly, so research what courses you would like to do and apply in good time – at Sanctuary Training if there is high demand for a particular course we work hard to add new dates as quickly as we can.
  • Before booking, check with the course organisers that the training will be set at an appropriate level for your skills.
  • If necessary, ask the course organisers for some general feedback from previous delegates – you will notice many of our courses already have reviews included within the course details.

During your training

  • Be prepared to listen to the trainer, but don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Join in the discussions/activities. If there are role-play activities, quizzes or group activities make sure you get involved.
  • Make sure you are clear about what is and what is not covered in the handouts and take notes accordingly.
  • All of our training course handouts include suggestions for further reading/research – make use of this to supplement your knowledge.
  • Take the time to provide detailed and constructive feedback to your trainer/course organisers – this will help the development of future training courses.

Putting it into practice

  • When you return to the office, take the time to discuss what you have learnt with your supervisor/direct line manager and agree how you can put this into practice.
  • Consider preparing a short presentation to colleagues about what you have learnt - remember that sharing best practice is a valid CPD activity
  • Log your learning in your CPD portfolio while it is fresh in your memory - make sure you include a summary of how the training has contributed towards your learning needs and write an outline of which elements you plan to put into practice.


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