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Robin Watts

Sanctuary Training - Robin WattsRobin Watts is a retired police officer, who previously spent 30 years working as a Detective with the Metropolitan Police. During his police career, Robin spent a decade specialising in child protection investigations and established a dedicated training unit, which enabled him to educate fellow police officers and social workers on how to investigate child abuse, from the initial referral through to its conclusion.

Since retiring from the Police, Robin has used his knowledge and expertise to offer comprehensive training to those looking to learn more about the different aspects of child abuse. He has delivered bespoke training courses to public and private sector organisations both nationally and internationally.

Robin’s renowned expertise has also led him to work closely with organisations such as Kidscape and the NSPCC, and he offers advice and guidance on policies and procedures as well as being a strong advocate for child protection and safeguarding.

Amanda Mutemasango

Amanda Mutemasango - Sanctuary TrainingAmanda has had an extensive social work career, working in a variety of positions including Principal Social Worker, Fostering Duty Manager, Children & Families Sector Team Manager and Placements Commissioning & Contracts Team Manager. She has also been a member of several panels including the Local Authority Resource Panel, Complex Needs Panel and Foster Carer Review Forum.

Foster placements for black and minority ethnic children and young people is an area of work that Amanda is particularly interested in and this formed a large focus of her post-graduate research. She has worked hard to improve the experience of Looked After Children through training workshops, conferences and consultations for social workers and foster carers.

Amanda is proud to have been selected by the Department for Education to be a course facilitator for the Adoption and Children Act 2004. This involved working with a large group to help local authorities receive high quality training to implement the changed in the law, translate this into local policy and procedures and, therefore, improve outcomes for children and young people. 

Bal Howard

Bal Howard - Sanctuary Training Bal Kaur Howard has been employed by Suffolk Constabulary since March 2009 in their Domestic Abuse Unit as Project & Performance Officer for Honour Based Violence (Forced Marriage, Female Genitalia Mutilation). She delivers training within the organisation and to partner agencies, such as health, education, social care and the voluntary sector.

Bal advocates for victims and survivors. As a voice for those who experience crimes rooted in the name of “honour”, she offers victims practical and emotional support and participates in girls/women’s survivors groups.

Bal has two diplomas, has volunteered at Karma Nirvana and her experience is featured in Jasvinder Sanghera’s second book “Daughters of Shame”. She is keen to share her experiences to raise awareness, to reduce the isolation of victims and to increase reporting.

Bobby Martin

Bobby Martin - Sanctuary TrainingBobby Martin is a Community Engagement & Gang Intervention Advisor. In a career spanning over 15 years, Bobby has been directly and strategically involved in addressing the root causes of gang violence and assisting authorities in having a better understanding of gang culture.

Having advised the Home Office on its 2011 Ending Gang & Youth Violence Strategy, he proactively peer reviewed and identified the boroughs and cities across the UK with serious gang-related problems.

He has also held the position of Regional Chair for RESPECT, covering at one point up to 16 prisons, where his role was to support BME staff on racism and institutional racism. 

Now an independent advisor to the police and local authorities, he acts as a critical friend on how to best address gang problems and engage with relevant communities.

Jenni Pennington

Jenni has worked as a registered Mental Health Nurse for 13 years and has been involved within the training sector since 2002. She teaches mental health nursing at both pre and post registration and provides bespoke training for multi agency professionals working within the sector.

Jenni was inspired to become a lecturer as she wanted to make a real difference to positive practice. She felt that education was a way of helping to improve the various ways in which practitioners were working with vulnerable service users. By identifying a range of training needs, Jenni is able to write and deliver tailor-made training packages in support of personal and professional development of healthcare employees. 

Jenni has flexible style of teaching, adaptable to different requirements. She is aiming to establish a full portfolio of training and educational activities, which are based on excellence and resulting in a positive impact for patient and service user care.

Her teaching methods and passion for the sector ensures that delegates will get the most out of their training courses, gaining indepth understanding of the different issues relating to mental health.


Mark Hatter

Mark Hatter is an independent social worker, author and trainer for CPD Accredited courses in children’s services. He specialises in effective communication with children, supervisory and management skills, and parental substance misuse.

In a social care career spanning over 30 years, Mark has held a number of senior positions in child in need teams, predominantly throughout the South London area. Over a two year period, he acted as a preferred provider for East Sussex County Council where he contracted and managed a team of family workers, completing over 2000 contact sessions.

Mark’s particular areas of expertise are community based assessments, contact supervision and parenting programmes focused on families where there are child protection concerns.

He is also the author of Tales of Bushey Lane, published in 2012 and endorsed by Professor Eileen Munro. The book follows Working Together to Safeguard Children and draws its content from the Assessment Framework Triangle. It is the first book of its kind that has been written and illustrated to aid frontline social workers, who are undertaking assessments of families, to effectively communicate with children.

Yvonne Tyree

Yvonne Tyree has over 25 years’ frontline and managerial social work experience, working with children and families requiring professional support in a broad range of settings.

A qualified counsellor and expert in adolescent mental health issues, Yvonne presents on eating disorders at The University of East Anglia interdisciplinary expert panel alongside other highly regarded health, voluntary and education professionals.

As an independent practitioner, Yvonne undertakes social work assessments, and works with families to improve their outcomes and reduce risk. Utilising creative methods, she analyses an individual’s strengths and challenges to ensure that the voice of the child is heard. She now applies this methodology to identify positive mental health in order to recognise the signs and indicators of poor levels of mental health across adolescents.

Focusing heavily on the young person’s perspective, Yvonne is a strong advocate for practitioners supporting young people through complex and difficult journeys and she reflects this within her course content.

Jonathon Taylor

The growing influence of online media in recent years has led Jonathan Taylor to develop a series of specialist training courses focusing on E-Safety and Child Protection.

After spending the majority of his career working within the Metropolitan Police’s Child Abuse Investigation Command, Jonathan is uniquely positioned to educate schools, social work departments, youth groups and other child-related organisations about the growing risks relating to online safety and social media awareness. Throughout each course, he is able to highlight risks ranging from child exploitation through to professional liability.

Despite its niche area, the topic is growing in importance in today’s digital age and Jonathan has developed a range of tailored courses with specific information suited to different age groups. This bespoke approach ensures that delegates come away with an indepth knowledge designed to suit their individual needs and requirements.

Jonathan uses a range of methods to deliver his training, from small group-based workshops through to larger presentations and assemblies. As a Research Fellow at Lancaster University, he is continually updating his own knowledge and skills within the fast-paced digital environment to ensure his courses are as accurate and up-to-date as possible.