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BIA Refresher Training

Sanctuary Training

BIA Refresher Training


Course Length

1 day

Course Trainer

Jenni Pennington


This course has been designed for Social and Health care practitioners that formally assess Best Interest in those individuals judged to lack capacity.

The course provides an update to the full Best Interest Assessor Training; to refresh the practitioner’s skill set, ensure that they have up to date knowledge so that they can confidently apply current legislation in practice and fully understand the implications on their daily practice.

The course is designed to facilitate reflection on current practice, support continued professional development and meet Best Interest Assessor requirements found in Deprivation of Liberty Standards, in accordance with Statutory Criteria.

This workshop will offer the participant an opportunity to refresh their knowledge about the MCA and the impact of Deprivation of Liberty.  It will consider the legal frameworks and the wide ranging implications of recent Supreme Court judgments in relation to Deprivations on Liberty.  Participants will explore their practice and consider how paternalistic and risk adverse decision making might be limited, so that a balance can be made between protecting the individual autonomy of people lacking capacity and engaging the public interest in the protection of vulnerable groups from their own harmful decision making.

Learning Outcomes:

    • Review the Mental Capacity Act – and the underlying philosophy
    • Review Mental Capacity Act in the light of the Supreme Court judgments 2014 – ‘The Acid Test’ and the implications for care homes, hospitals, shared living, supported accommodation and own home situations
    • Understand and apply the Human Rights Act 1998 – Articles 5 and 8
    • Outline and understand the Best Interest assessment process and issues arising in practice
    • Discuss the rights and protective mechanisms available to service users who are deprived of their liberty
    • Discuss relevant updates and developments that may impact on the Best Interest Assessment and  Deprivation of Liberty safeguards

              Training Delivery Methods

              • Individual tasks
              • Group activities
              • Case studies and Best Practice examples
              • Feedback and discussion
              • Questions & Answers
              • Handouts and other printed information
              • Audio visual media i.e. powerpoint presentation

              Evaluation of Learning

              • Group and Individual Discussion and Q&A
              • Revist, review and ensure completion of objectives
              • Personal Action Plans
              • Evaluation and Feedback forms


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