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Privacy and Dignity - for Health and Social Care

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Privacy and Dignity - for Health and Social Care



Privacy and dignity is something that we take for granted. When you are caring for someone, however, it can be challenging to respect their privacy and dignity whilst supporting them with day to day activities. In this course, we demonstrate how you can maintain privacy and dignity in a health and social care setting.


This course is aimed at:

  • New members of staff in Healthcare Support Worker roles
  • New members of staff in Adult Social Care Worker roles
  • Any staff members who provide direct care to patients or individuals needing support

This course will also be useful for:

  • Staff moving into new roles within their organisation
  • Refreshing the knowledge of any member of staff


In this four module course you will learn about the importance of privacy and dignity and how they can be maintained, as well as the principles of self-care and how to support a person to make their own decisions. The knowledge element of standard 7 of the Care Certificate is covered in this course.

You will automatically get a course certificate on course completion – with your name, the CPD hours, the date and learning objectives.


Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a knowledge of:

  • What dignity is
  • How privacy and dignity can be compromised
  • How to ensure that privacy and dignity are maintained
  • How to support individuals to make decisions
  • What the Mental Capacity Act is
  • When risk assessments are necessary
  • What to do if you disagree with a decision
  • How to encourage active participation and the benefits
  • The principles of self-care

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